• We take ideas and make them real.

    Aegis brings health care innovations to market.

    Our mission is to improve health outcomes by integrating technology with the science and art of medicine.

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  • We are knowledge curators.

    Aegis provides medical communications services to the biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostics markets using traditional and high-tech tools.

    We select and distill information and translate volumes of data and complex molecular mechanisms into meaningful text and elegant images that bring complex concepts to life.

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  • We are launch advisors.

    At Aegis, we help our clients keep abreast of the changing landscape of connected health and learn to speak the new language of health care technology.

    We provide guidance across the following critical workstreams to ensure a successful launch: science + technology platform, clinical + technical development, regulatory strategy, and commercialization + sustainability.

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  • Let Aegis be your guide.