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How We Help - Aegis

Life science companies hire us when they want to design customer-centric conversations that will help them achieve their marketing goals.

Our Services

In working with our clients, we have found that opening a conversation begins with insights, strategy, and content. With that, we offer a plethora of ways to communicate your message.



Our Approach

While the importance of scientifically accurate content can’t be overstated, we know that’s just the beginning.

Medical communications is as much about great communication as it is about medical knowledge.

Here are our 5 Cs to “activating an audience”:

You need to first meet people where they are and to understand what they care about before you start talking. Only then may you inspire them with a call to action that helps them move closer to what they care about. Every communication touchpoint should work together to define a single well-crafted narrative that relates to each of your customer’s needs. And ultimately your customers will want to speak for themselves, to have a place to come together and share their own stories, a community that serves to reinforce your message. That’s how you activate an audience.

Our Theoretical Foundations

At Aegis, we help life science companies improve health outcomes by designing health promotion interventions that are grounded in theory.

We ground our work in theory because a “growing body of evidence suggests that interventions developed with an explicit theoretical foundation or foundations are more effective than those lacking a theoretical base and that some strategies that combine multiple theories and concepts have larger effects.