A recent ONS/ONCC study determined the tasks, knowledge, and skills necessary to successfully perform as an oncology nurse navigator.

Read about the findings and see how the role is evolving at voice.ons.org

What we find interesting is the current and anticipated professional development needs that oncology nurse navigators identified, which are focused on the following topics:

  • Patients’ needs related to survivorship issues
  • Management of psychosocial issues
  • New treatments
  • Technologies and systems
  • Disease-specific updates
  • Financial aspects of care
  • Metrics and outcome data collection and analysis
  • Improving communication with patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers

The role of the oncology nurse navigator is evolving and becoming more recognized. With it stresses a greater understanding of who this important audience is, and how to effectively communicate with navigators to meet your business goals and improve patient outcomes.

Life science marketers, nurse educators, and sales representatives who develop ways to help navigators support their patients are valuable and relevant.

Next week, continuing with our nurse navigator series, we’ll give 3 tips for connecting with nurse navigators. Learn more about this emerging, influential audience—sign up below!


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